AGGÖZ SAVS (Situational Awareness Vision Systems)

AGGÖZ Situational Awareness Vision Systems (SAVS) is a vision system solution for military vehicle platforms that provides 360-degree environmental awareness in all air conditions at day and night. According to user requirements, digital videos taken by the different configurations of thermal camera, day TV camera and NIR camera transfer to the user monitor via image processing unit, which is a part of the system. In addition, Day TV camera or NIR camera solutions, which are supported with a laser illuminator, are presented as an alternative. According to user needs and work conditions, 360-degree field of view (FOV) and environmental safety is provided by combining images from multiple camera blocks such as single, double or triple.



  • High quality Day TV cameras

  • High quality uncooled thermal cameras

  • Different configurations for user requirements:

  • Day TV Camera – Thermal Camera

  • Day TV Camera – Laser Illuminator

  • NIR Camera – Thermal Camera

  • NIR Camera - Laser Illuminator

  • Combined images from different combinations of single, double and triple camera blocks

  • Simultaneously multiple video transfer

  • Standard 60-degree – Customized images with optional different FOVs

  • Adaptable with modular systems

  • Fusion view with Day TV camera and thermal camera

  • Artificial intelligence applications

  • Object classification and recognition

  • Moving object tracking

  • Video recording and playing capability

  • Multiple images transferring capability to the monitor

  • Integration capability with the other imaging systems of the vehicle platform

  • Low latency

  • Operating in extreme military environmental conditions

  • Operating temperature -40°C // +55°C

  • Storage temperature -45°C // +55°C