HENG PDU (Power Distrubition Unit)

HENG Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a unit that provides power distribution to units and subsystems, connected to the HENG and sends various analog and digital status information collected by systems to the system for processing again.



  • FPGA based power control unit.

  • Minimum error probability in critical units with CPLD support

  • Design proper for high power applications.

  • Isolated inputs and outputs.

  • Independent software current protection for each output.

  • 14-bit resolution analog reading inputs

  • Ready to operation under 15 seconds

  • Remote control for status information and channel control.

  • Zeroize function

  • Keeping records of events

  • Internal temperature sensor, RTC, ETC.

  • Ability to drive resistive, capacitive, inductive loads

  • Watchdog Timer support

  • Akım, gerilim ve direnç değeri okunabilen 12 ADC (Analog Dijital Dönüştürücü)

  • Total 12 ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) which can read current, voltage and resistance values.

  • DC return lines electrically isolated from the chassis.

  • Infrastructure that can measure input voltages

  • 4 batteries capable of providing 5A current.