Sadak HUMS SADAK™ (In-Vehicle Health & Usage Monitoring System)

SADAK™ In-Vehicle Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) is an end-to-end predictive maintenance system, that evolves within the framework of Industry 4.0, which gathers data by using its specially designed electronic sensors and components for tracked/wheeled armored vehicles and processes the collected data utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Through to the innovative maintenance strategy SADAK™ HUMS, provides corrective and preventive maintenance concept that breakdown and troubles can be identified before they occur and it provides optimization of all logistics analysis based on remaining life information.



  • Data collection from all sensors on the vehicle with Platform Data Collection and Recording System (PVTKS)

  • Detection of vehicle anomalies through time series data with Artificial Intelligence model fed by data collected from the vehicle

  • Detection and diagnosis of detailed errors of all components on the vehicle

  • Calculation of the remaining functional life of vehicle engine, driveline and chassis parts

  • Performance calculations and reporting such as fuel consumption and power transfer of the vehicle

  • Detection of critical errors in vehicles and reporting to the user

  • Safe transfer of data with crypto modules.

  • Optimizing maintenance periods

  • Reducing supply and spare parts costs